miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2013

Sexuality in Advertising

Morning everyone!

Today I want to talk about Sexuality and Advertising.

Sexuality has been linked to Advertising for a long time. The reason why is that sex is an important part of humans life. It can be linked to people as a biological way or an emotional way. 

But, sex and advertising is criticized as well. A lot of people think that sexual advertising can increase the gender discrimination. Also, people can relate a person in an advertising as an object. 

Although woman have always been an important part of sexual advertising, nowadays, man are important as well, which equilibrates the balance of the gender discrimination.

The point is that, whether people like it or not, sex sells, and that's a fact. The problem is that people are already used to this kind of advertising, which creates a loss of effect on everybody, as long as it's a subtle sexual advert.

Do you agree with me about the fact that sex sells? Do you think we are all used to it and it doesn't make too much effect now? 

I have added some interesting adverts that I found on Pinterest. Please, give me your opinion about this sexual adverts. Do they work?

See you soon!

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