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How to Advertise A Famous Wedding

Good morning everyone!

Today I've a got a wedding of some friends so I have thought about talking of How a Publicist can Advertise a Wedding.

Imagine you are going to advertise a wedding of a rich and famous couple that have just got engaged. 
They would love everybody to know that they are going to get married. Weather it is because they want everybody to know they are getting married, or because they want their fans to come to their big day, just follow these steps for a great announcement of your client's wedding 

(NOTE: they don't have to be famous and rich. ;) Depending on this, the publicist has to choose where and how to advertise the wedding):
  1. When engaged, advertise their wedding in the local and national newspaper (only local newspaper if they are not rich and famous): Go to a local and a national newspaper or gossip magazines and let them know that the famous couple are engaged so everybody knows about the big event.  
  2. Interview the couple: Famous couple always like to be interviewed when a big event is coming soon in their lives. Sell an interview of them and their wedding plans to a gossip magazines. Women love to know what's happening with the famous people of the world! (or not so famous people as well).
  3. Go to the local and national radio and TV to announce the engagement and the wedding day of your client in daily programs: Even if it's expensive, everybody  wants to know how did this situation come and, when and where the wedding is going to be.
  4. Announce the engagement in the Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter: Let everybody know that they are engaged and their wedding day so people can know when will be the great event. 
  5. Create a blog: A blog is a good way to tell people that a couple is going to get married in the near future. Create a blog like a "Diary of a Wedding Plan", where the couple (not the publicist) will tell other people all the steps they are taking to prepare their wedding, and all their sensations and emotions everyday until the great day.
  6. Create a Group or an Event on Facebook to announce the engagement and the wedding day: It's a way of letting people know that they are in love and that one of their best days of life is about to come. And It's a way to control all the guests that are coming as well.
  7. The day before the Wedding, just make a big announcement of the event that is about to come in a few hours: So, everybody that is not invited can congratulate them for the big day anyway.

And that's what a Publicist has to think about to advertise a wedding of a famous (or quite famous) couple.

Please, add any other idea of how to advertise a wedding in the comments so we can share ideas.

I'll see you all very soon!

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