lunes, 16 de diciembre de 2013

#Coca-Cola New Spot. A Hymn To Life

Hi everyone! 

Today I have brought to you the new #Coca-Cola TV Advertising. Coca-Cola is a multinational company that has always created great advertisings about hapiness and life. It's impossible not having a smile and a happiness sensation when you watch one of their Advertisings

This concrete Advert is a hymn to life. The story's about a couple that is waiting for a new child. When the kid starts growing up, he has child attitudes that drive his parents crazy lots of times. Although, his parents still love him. In the end of the Advertising, and even with their craziness because of their child's attitude, the woman gets pregnant again. This shows the hapiness of the parents for the second time.

As I said, this Advertising is a Hymn to Life.

Congratulations to Coca-Cola for their continuos wonderful and surprising Advertisings

See you all very soon,

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