martes, 7 de enero de 2014

Brilliant: Guinness Marketing Campaign

Hi people!!

Today I want to make a special mention to Guinness Marketing Strategy.

I think their Marketing Strategy is brilliant.

They have great advertisings and, it's amazing how they have created a hole world around Guinness as today it's not only a beer. It's a way of life. It's so important that they have created the Arthur's Guinness Day worldwide. They also create events for different holidays such as Halloween. For example:

They have created as well, a wonderful museum in Dublin. It's very interactive and fun. I don't drink beer, but I have already been there twice, and I would love to repeat a third time. Here, a photo of the Guinness Museum

Also, they have created lots of creative products for Merchandising. Here is an example:

I wish some day I could presume of making such a wonderful campaign!

Congratulations to +Arthur Guinness Company and their Marketing Strategists!!

Here, some of their advertisings and the Arthur's Guinness Day Advertising:

And here, an Advertising of the Arthur's Guinness Day...

Talk to you soon...

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