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The Power of Product Placement

Hi people!

Today I want to talk about Product Placement.

Product Placement is a way of selling products and brands for example in a TV serial or a movie. It's a really good way to sell a product. People can notice them in the middle of the set and when they are being used by the actors and actresses. That's when the consumer feels the need of buying the same product. As it's told, if it appears on the TV than it's good (in my opinion, this theory is not 100% correct).

Using product placement incorrectly.

Sometimes the product placement is not well used. In some occasion the brands just appear again and again every time and everywhere. They appear in many and many programs and in lots of places of the same TV program or movie. And that's not nice as it looses credibility. And it seems like the company advertising doesn't notice that as they are not told about this mistake. And that's a shame, because probably the consumers will loose faith on it and might think that the product is not that good or that it's just publicity anyway.

Using product placement correctly.

The proper way to use the product placement is being rational. This means putting the product or the brand in the correct moment and in the correct place. It also means not abusing of the number of times and the number of programs that it appears in as, like I've said before, it can loose all the credibility.


The advertiser has to analyse and decide the correct type of program a product has to appear in, and how many times it should appear. And it's not that easy, but that's what it has to be done. And the most important, the advertiser has to explain to the company what is best to do focussing on the benefits the enterprise wants to get with the product placement campaign.

Here are few product placements that have appeared in famous american movies:

How do you think Product Placement should be used? Please, let me know what you think.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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