lunes, 27 de enero de 2014

Apple Macintosh 30th Birthday

Hi people

Today I want to congratulate Apple for it's 30th birthday celebrated some days ago.

This amazing company never stops to innovate and surprise us with their own products which are a reference for lots of other brands. 

A way of life

Everyone wants to have a Mac product as it has become a style of life. It means getting into a new status. Everybody needs to buy at least one single item of the company during their lives. People wait in front of Apple Store to buy any new products when it's about to come out.

Steve Jobs

Apple's founder Steve Jobs has become a legend in all the world. His strengh to fight his cancer and his leadership converts him in a reference for lots of people who would like to be such an amazing entrepreneur.

In 2013, there was released a new movie about Steve Jobs' life whose actor was Ashton Kutcher.

Apple's Logotype evolution

Apple's logo has changed many times since the company was created. It has been adapted to modern times to show the impovement of the company throughout all these years.


Apple Famous advertising

Last, I want to remember everyone the most famous advertising of Apple. This advertising was released on 1984 and in my opinion, is one of the best adverts ever done.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to +Apple iFans for the 30th birthday with such a brilliant career and innovation.

Please, let me know what you think about Apple.

See you soon everyone,

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