viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

How to sell yourself to get a job

Hi everyone!!

Today I'm going to talk about how to sell yourself to get a good job.

  • First have a splendid CV. It has to be well organized and have all the information about each job you've done in your life (Even if it were volunteer jobs. They count a lot as well because you are helping the community, and that's important for everyone). 
If you are an Advertiser or a Graphic Designer, go farther and be creative with your CV. In Deviantart ( you can find lots of creative CVs for your inspiration.
  • Have a great webpage. It's where people can read who you are and what you do, as well as all your services and products you sell. It's also a way for people to contact you in case they are interested in you. Never forget to put your email on your webpage and/or a contact formulary.
  • Have Social Media Accounts. There are many social medias where you can sell yourself and your products or services. Before opening any account in these Social Medias, just make a research about which Social Media does your target use. You don't have to be in all of them, just in the ones your target are in.
          Some of the important Social Media nowadays are:
    • Facebook: Used to have contact with family and friends. Also, you can create a fan page of your company or yourself as a entrepreneur
    • Twitter: Used to talk about news of the world, or little comments (maximum 140 characters) about what you think in a momment of time (you can see what other people are doing or think as well)
    • LinkedIn: Profesional Social Media to create Networking
    • Google Plus: Professional Social Media to create Networking, or to create a personal account as well
  • Create a Video Curriculum. It's a new way to resume a CV of two pages in a few time. It shouldn't take more than 1 minute as the HR person can contact you to get more information about yourself.
If you want to be more creative than just talking to a camera to sell yourself, make very creative VideoCV with a professional software. There are many free softwares to download from internet and that can give you new ideas. I like the stop motion. I think you can create wonderful videos with it that can be funny and professional at the same  time. This is an example of a Creative CV Video:
  • Write a Blog: This is a way for people to realise how much you know about your sector and to show the world your writing style. To make publicity about your blog, just put it's URL on your CV and Social Medias, as well as make comments on other people's blogs, so you can chat with them and they will get to know your site.

I hope this post inspires you and that you add some more ideas of how you sell yourself to get a job.

See you all very soon.
Thanks for reading me!!


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