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Taking creative notes for your job and your life

Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to talk about taking notes in a creative way to inspire not only the advertisers, but everyone that needs some inspiration to do a create job in his/her life.

Here comes a list of ideas:
  1. Listen carefully to what other people are saying and write it down: Even if you are in the supermarket, listen to what other people say and what do they buy. It's a important way to inspire your notes for creative thinking.
  2. When taking notes, make drawings, create graphics, synoptic table, diagrams, etc > Is a good way to take notes in an organised way.
  3. Take notes in a book
  4. Take notes in your mobile
  5. Use your voice to take notes in your mobile: For example, when you are stopped in a traffic with your car
  6. Ask someone their opinion about your notes: People can give you a feedback that can inspire your creativity for your job.
  7. Do informal interviews to get ideas for your notes: It's a funny wahy to know what people think about a product or a concept
  8. Take notes in a different environment: In a park, in your sofa, in your bed, while you are having breakfast or lunch, in the bus, in the train, in the library, in the swimming pool, in the beach, etc.
  9. Take notes in the newspaper about news or suddenly ideas you have
  10. Take notes in a dictionary
  11. Take notes in an Advertising: analyse the advertising and write over it all the interesting concepts you find there.
  12. Change the object you write with: Instead of taking notes with a pen or a pencil, try taking notes with a brush
  13. Sing while you are taking notes
  14. Write on an envelope
  15. Write on a napkin: Be careful not to loose the napkin later
  16. Transform your notes into drawings or songs
  17. Represent your notes with photos: you can create a collage as well as if it was a notepad
  18. Draw a storyboard: While you are in the middle of a conference or a seminar, draw a storyboard about the seminarist and what he's saying
  19. Take notes in a computer software: There are many computer softwares that you can use to take good and creative notes about everything
  20. Use post-its: Post-its are a good way of taking notes and put them over papers or notes. There are many creative post-its with different shapes that can inspire you and make you use your creativity and learn how to resume notes in a very small space
  21. Take photos with the mobile as if they were future notes for yourself
  22. Use a Whiteboard or a Chalk Board: You can take notes in this kind of objects to live them in your room or your job place so you don't forget to do something or just write an inspiring phrase to motivate yourself everyday
  23. Represent the information you are writing in your notebook into a joke
  24. Use a cork board: Cork boards are a good way to leave notes to yourself as well as put notes over other notes. You can have many papers for a long time. You can put photos, notes, greetings, etc.
  25. Underline the notes with highlighters: You can use different colors of highlighters depending on the importance of the concept
  26. Use internet to complete your notes
  27. Write on a diary
  28. Write on an origami: Create a colorful origami and write over it. Leave it in your table with the notes towards you. It's a different way to catch your attention to a message
  29. Write upside-down in your notebook
  30. Start your notebook from the end
  31. Write while you are in the bathroom: Believe it or not, this place is a very good ambient to think creative
  32. Write with a differente kind of typography
  33. Write down with coloured pencils
  34. Take notes in your blog
  35. Draw smileys in your notebook depending on the message you are writing 
  36. Repeat loud what you are writing
  37. Dnuora yaw rehto eht seton etirw (Write notes the other way around)
  38. Write notes with ortograFic mistakes
  39. Create rhymes with your notes
  40. Spot your notes with coffee
  41. WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS: It looks like you're shouting. That gives the message an extra importance
  42. Alter UPPERCASE and LOWERCASE: It is like creating a melody
  43. Write the notes and their shadows: That gives more mistery to the notes
  44. Write in RGB and CMYK
  45. Write over colorful construction paper: You can put it on your wall later on
  46. Decorate your notes: This makes them funnier
  47. Represent the letters with numbers: For example, each letter of the alphabet can represent a number (For example: Love = 12 15 22 5)
  48. Represent your notes with hieroglyphs: That makes them funnier 
  49. Ask someone to write the notes for you: The person can either take the notes from your information or from somebody else's information
  50. Write notes under pressure
  51. Write notes in a noisy environment
  52. Write notes in a quite environment
  53. Write notes the day after you have received the information
  54. Write faster than usual
  55. Write slower than usual
  56. Write with the other hand
  57. Write with metaphors: This gives more mystery to the notes.
  58. Write on a power point: The change the background of the PPT and add arrows to sign the information, etc.

And these are all my ideas about how to take creative notes when you write down a important idea or an important information.

What else can you add to this list. Please, feel free to give your ideas to complete this list. I'm waiting for your comments!

Talk to you soon!

All the best.

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