jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013

Coca Cola's Name Campaign

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I was sitting with a friend in the kitchen and he was having dinner. We were talking about advertising and he told me about Coca Cola's Name Campaign.

He told me that he never drinks Coke, but that time, when he saw his name on the bottle, he got excited and just bought it because he saw his name printed on a Coca Cola's Bottle. He told me as well that in that moment, he was with his bottle on the pocket always looking at it and showing to everyone.

So my question is: What would happen if the same person saw the bottle again? Would this person buy the same bottle with the same name? Would it be effective again? In my opinion, probably the person would not buy the same bottle. He would buy a bottle with another name. Probably for a friend or family.

In the other hand, probably if he is in a rush and he sees lots of bottles of the same product, he would probably get the bottle that is got his name on it. Just get the bottle and leave as soon as possible.

But what if the price was an issue? Would the person think about taking "his" bottle again? Or would he get a cheaper bottle first? How effective would the campaign be for the same person in a long term?

What do you think about it? Let me know your opinion.

Coca Cola's name campaign

Talk to you soon!

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